Saturday, June 26, 2010

Week 1: One Weekend 2 Shots

Here we are. The beginning of our adventure. One Weekend 2 shots is for all of us out there who are to busy to take a photo everyday, our schedules are just to hectic. This is about taking a photo every Saturday and Sunday for a year, then post them to your blog. There is no pressure you can just post them anytime on Saturday and Sunday. This is a way for me and you to document, in photos, the two days when our families can be together the most.

Anyone can jump in at any time. I would LOVE for you to be apart of this journey! If you decide to follow along please let me know, link me up to your blog. I will add you and your blog to my One Weekend 2 Shots blog roll tab. 
Sheri, you had a great idea about creating a blinkie for One Weekend 2 Shots but I don't know how to make one. I might be able to figure it out early next week. It would be fabulous to have one! 
Thank you Sheri for the suggestion I love it! 
Let's get this started! 

Saturday 6.26.10

The back wheel of my new cruiser! Jon lovingly took my bike apart so he could paint the frame black for me. A labor of love from him. Now, we can finally ride bikes as a family. Yays!

See ya tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day! 


luv46kdz said...

Dedra, I've done a couple of grab my badge blinkies for my book blog. If you don't mind me taking 3or 4 days, I could try and come up with something and email it to you :)

I am excited about this!!

Mia Sogni Dolci

Dedra Long said...

I would love to see what you come up with Paula!
No worries on the time, I like being a no pressure kind of girl.

Have a fabulous Sunday!