Friday, September 04, 2009


a long weekend ahead and we are going to kick it off with good food and friends over at our house tonight.
We will be staying home for the long weekend, which is a good thing! I have ALOT of scrapbooking to do!

We have nailed down a date and time for the scrapbooking garage sale.
It will be Sept. 12th starting a 8:00am and if anything is left we will re-open on the 13th starting at 8:00am.
So, if your interested please shoot me an e.mail and I will send you my address.
Hopefully, I will get a little "play" money for my birthday which is on the 14th. Fingers crossed! LOL!

Thank you to all of the wonderful women who have already contacted me. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

I'll leave you with the newest addition to my "funky" ring collection.


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Amy Coon said...

love the ring want one where did you get it! have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend Long family!!
luv, Amy