Friday, September 11, 2009

Three words....

garage sale madness....I adore little blank tags! They have so many possibilities. These are the ones I stamped to use when pricing the items I want to sell!
Ok. gotta get back to it!
For those of you coming, can't wait to see you!

On another note, today is the eighth anniversary of 9-11. I remember the morning exactly as it happened. It will be a morning that is etched in my memory forever. Please take a moment to pause for those who lost their lives, as well as the soldiers who are still protecting us to this day and their families who sacrifice time away from their loved ones. THANK YOU for protecting the way of my families life! Someone who does this very thing and comes to the front of my mind is Stephanie Howell. THANK YOU!
See you in the morning!


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

girl I luv tags too, and the little gems you have below, got very sweet....thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting...I hope you come again...have a wonderful weekend!

enjoy *~*

Tara Powell said...

Stamping the tags- what a cute idea!
Have a great weekend

Lisa said...

Great garage sale! Thanks for having it!

Amy Coon said...

those are some seriously cute tags D!!! only you only you would make garage sale tags that classy and thats why I love you!!!