Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quality time....

with Jon. Even though my birthday is tomorrow Jon wanted to do something fun just he and I. We will celebrate with the girls tomorrow night. We headed to downtown Gilbert. He wanted to take me to Liberty Market. The owners converted and renovated the original grocery store into an awesome restaurant.
There is also the town water tower there. Very cool at night.
They have wood fire pizza, an espresso bar and the BEST hamburger I have ever tasted. SERIOUSLY. It's called The Tower Burger 9.
I should have known by the name it was going to be fabulous!
Their salads are also amazing and the other thing I found so interesting I noticed just sitting there on the table.
I asked Jon what the cards sitting there had on them.
Now, picture your first date or even an old married couple like us. The old married couple like us would find these cards interesting. The first date couple would find these cards helpful.
Each card contained a different question. One of the questions was pretty funny. "What do you find challenging in the kitchen?"
UUUmmmmm. So, I had Jon answer first (since he is a good cook and grill man). He said "baking".
I thought he might say that, he is not really a baker unless it's brownies or cookies that are pre-scored in a package.
Here are some photos of our evening.

After that, we drove by a wine bar not to far down the road. They usually have live jazz, but not last night.
So, we headed to The Keg and had dessert and a beer. Great people watching!
Then we came home, we were SO tired.

A special thanks to Lisa, Shannon, Tiffany, Adrianne and Amy for coming out to the garage sale. It was SO great meeting all of you wonderful ladies. Lisa you are a crack up, girl!
We sold most of what we had and Amy came back this morning for some paper. So, next weekend we might have it again with everything being 50% off. I'll let you know as soon as I have the details!
I'm closer to getting that webcam! Yipppeeee....

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and has a great Monday!

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