Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Most Tuesday....

nights you can find me here. I love chatting with all of the lovely ladies that are there. Tonight in particular. I will NEVER see "flock" in the same way again! Thank you Jennifer Stewart! :-)
Noell and I met through 2 peas. ( I really should create a layout and tell the story!)
I realized she lived really close to me and I contacted her.
Over the last few years we have shared our thoughts and love of telling our stories through scrapbooking.
We have become very good friends.
She is so supportive of my scrapbooking style (whatever that is, she is still trying to explain it me. LOL!)
I'm flattered every time she tells me that I inspire her.

She has also come so far in the industry. Shooting videos, product reviews, conducting interviews and really educating those ladies (and a man or two) who are just starting out. Let's face it, I can't imagine how overwhelming it might seem sometimes for a beginner. She has a way with words and the camera. Taking something that can seem very complicated and simplifying it.

Good friends are truly THE BEST!

Tomorrow I'll be back to answer some questions that have been left.
I should have done this sooner!
AND THANK YOU to all of you fantabulous ladies who show me so much love here, on twitter and facebook.
Smootches and loves.


2 Worlds said...

It was fun !

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

I love Tuesday nights! Paperclipping Live is so much fun. I've made so many new scrapping friends just through Paperclipping! Last night was a blast, I have to say! FLOCK ON!