Saturday, September 12, 2009

In Memory....

of a good friend of mine that was in a tragic accident that took her life a year ago today. This morning I woke up thinking about her, Brandon, Joshua and Isabella.
Aleida was such a supportive, caring, giving, spunky soul. She had such an amazing ability to make you feel SO special!

Another thing Aleida would tell me was to take more photos with me in them.
Extra special ones would be with me and my children. How important it would be to them someday. So, my challenge today for you, is to go out and take photos of yourself with your children. Extend the challenge and do it for a week, a month or longer. I know this will be something I start soon with myself and my children.
Thank you, Aleida for being such a bright star in my life!

I think she summed it up perfectly in a photo she took of herself days before the tragedy.
"Happy Friday, my friends, Live today like there is no tomorrow."

I miss her talking to her, her e.mails, her blog entries and her art!
I will never forget her!

Loves to everyone!


Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Dedra this story touched me so much just a few weeks ago. I ran across it on your blog as I was reading back on previous posts and I followed it to her blog and then to the message board where friends posted about the tragedy. I was so moved by her life and her impact on others. It really was a message to me to live every day to its fullest and to somehow impart a little of myself to others. Thank you for sharing the life of your wonderful friend. We need to be reminded just how precious every day is.

Tara Powell said...

I wasn't fortunate enough to know Aleida but I think it is obvious how many lives she touched.
Life is fragile and everyday should be appreciated, thanks for the reminder :)

Eileen said...

{{{Hugs}}} to you, dear Dedra.

Mariangeles M said...

I've been thinking about her today... a big hug from Spain {heart}