Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello 35....

photo credit: From Monceau via Flickr

I woke up this morning to an e.mail inbox full of wonderful birthday wishes!
I'm feeling very loved. THANK YOU so much to everyone for making me feel so special!
It is so wonderful how this passion we have for paper and glue brings so many of us together as friends!
All of the relationships that have started because of scrapbooking and mutual interest in it.

A funny story real quick before I have to go. So, Jon took Shelby and Ellie out to do some shopping for my birthday last weekend (I did not know Jon had done that.) Well, yesterday Ellie sits next to me and says:
"Momma, I have to tell you something but you have to pinky promise you won't tell Daddy!"
Me: "Ok"
Ellie: "Daddy went to Clarie's and got you something for your birthday but I don't know what it was!"
Me: "Really?"
Ellie: "and he got you something else but he won't tell me what it is."
Me: "That's Ok. Mommy can wait for the surprise!"
Ellie: "Momma, daddy is going to come home early tomorrow so we can go pick up your birthday cake and some other things."
Me: "I hope you still tell me everything as you get older."
Ellie: "I will Momma, I can talk to you about anything."

It was the cutest thing. No one was in the house except for her and I and as she was telling me all of this information she was whispering!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she feels this way in 10 years!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day and thank you again for visiting me here and leaving me comment love!
You all have made my day unforgettable!



Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Wishing you the best birthday ever! Thank you for all your inspiration!

Eileen said...

Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm not sure I can even remember 35! I hope it feels great!

2 Worlds said...

Happy Birthday Many blessings in your life !!

Tere said...

Happy 35!!!!

I'm not sure if my last post went thru!

Christine said...

Oh I am sooo happy I didn't miss the chance to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"
and SO, SO, SOOO, many more!!!


Kim Strother said...

Happy Birthday Dedra! May God bless you with a wonderful year full of health, happiness and many, many blessings!!

antiquechase said...

Happy Birthday Dedra!! Hope you had a great day and that the next year is one to remember!! Marcy

Shannon Roberts said...

YAY!! Happy Birthday!! I just turned that as well on the 5th! Hope you got your webcam!! And I hope it was a wonderful day!! (Shannon from the garage sale)