Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back in the day....

I was a cowgirl. I still am, but I have changed in my older age.
Back then, it was belt buckles, cowboy hats, wranglers, boots and I had REALLY long hair (past my bottom).
I remember washing it with Mane and Tail (a shampoo for horses, it worked fabulous on my hair).
It got all of the tangles out and made my hair SUPER smooth and silky.
I have been to my fair share of rodeos and country music concerts.

I had a steady relationship with a guy named Dale.
It was country music and country dancing, we were pretty good.
We would head out to Coolidge (a small town here in Arizona) and we would ride horses and hang out.
It was going to shoot pool (we had our own pool sticks).
Hanging out in the desert around a bonfire.
Good times.

It has been a long time since I have done any of the things above and sometimes I miss certain aspects of it all.
There is a restaurant not to far from our home called San Tan Flats and it is country all the way. Complete with little
fire pits, where you can roast marshmallows on a sticks and picnic tables that line a concrete dance floor. They have live country music there most nights and individual areas where you can shoot pool, separate from the restaurant.
Whenever I'm at this place my younger days come flooding back.
It makes me miss my belt buckle, cowboy hat days. I still have all of my many belt buckles.
I drive by this sign everyday on my way home from work and I have noticed it more lately.

Don't get me wrong I would NOT trade my family for anything. Lately I have been thinking of my younger years.
I'm not sure where all of these feeling are coming from?
and for the record I do listen to other types of music, thank goodness, otherwise Jon might loose his mind! LOL!

About the garage sale. I wanted to have it this weekend, but we meteorologist is calling for thunderstorms the entire weekend.
So, I don't think it is going to happen this weekend. Jon and I are scheduling it for the following weekend. September 12th and if everything is not gone we will have it on the 13th as well.
If you are free and you want to stop by please e.mail me at and I will send my address directly to you.
I would rather not post it here on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!


Erin B said...

I think everyone reflects about their life like that. It's crazy how fast time pasts & life changes.

PS - Thanks for your nice comments about my T-shirt. :D

Jennifer Y said...

Hi Debra! I just found you on Label Tulip and LOVE your blog! It is beautiful! Thank you for all the "love" on my blog! I really appreciate you stoppin' by!! :)))

Paris Cowgirl said...

Dedra, I have the same memories. And yes my belt, buckle, boots and wranglers are still in my closet!