Saturday, September 26, 2009

Around this time....

each year, I get the itch to start making candles for the holidays coming up, decorate the house for Fall and Halloween.
I love entering the "festive" part of the year. Family, friends, lots of gathering and good times.
Each year, on the eve of Halloween Jon and I have a pumpkin carving party.
All of our friends and family bring all of the pumpkins that they want to carve over and we have the best time. It really is a treat seeing all of the creative carving everyone does.
I always pause for a moment to take a look around, how lucky we are to be surrounded with such wonderful people.
This year for me, I can already tell that the holidays are going to be all about "connections".
I'm also going to do a December Daily album.

I have just finished making my first round of candles for my friend Kelsey and our house smells SO good, like Fall.
Kelsey loves the "Spice Pumpkin" scent. I have a feeling this is what caused this intense feeling to get the house decorated.
Well, and October really is, only days away!
I created "Hurricane Candles" and when you make candles like this it is a two step process. First, is making the core candle, the candle that will actually burn. After the core is complete you "rethread" it into a larger mold. For these candles I took Spider Rings and cut the ring part off. I then put the spiders around the core candle inside the larger mold. I love these sorts of candles because you can burn them half to three quarters of the way down and then burn votives inside. So, even though these take longer to make, to me they are worth it. You can store them and use them year after year.
These can be VERY fun to make. I have made some with Christmas Jewels, Red Hot Candies, Candy Corn, Coffee Beans and I even made one for my Father-In-Law using his favorite scent and I put screws, nails, nuts and bolts around the outside. It was really cool looking when it burned.

Ok, now I'm rambling.
I hope everyone has a great Sunday.
We are headed to Globe again tomorrow, but with Jon this time. I'm looking to just having fun and exploring as a family. We are leaving the chores behind tomorrow.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday with family and friends!



Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Girl is there anything you can't do??? I love your cool. I'm in the fall mood too, ready for the holiday season! Think I'll start decorating too!

Eileen said...

Ditto to what Sheri said! You are SO multi-talented! Those spider candles are adorable!

Michelle Lanning said...

ohhh those look awesome!!

Kathy Floen said...

AHHHH! Dedra, I love these candles! :) Is there anything you can't do, my creative girl?! LOL! :) ((HUGS))