Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We finally have a Sprinkles here in Arizona!

Well, I think these will be heaven! I have not officially taken a bite of one yet.
I got one cupcake for Jon, the girls and I, so I'm waiting. (Which takes a lot of will power!)

This is the first time I have gone to a Sprinkles and everyone that was working there today was super sweet!
Great customer service!
The packaging is awesome!

I was inspired by some cards that were by the register. This card tells you which cupcakes are offered on a particular day. This would make great jumping off point for color combinations to use on layouts or projects.

Be back tomorrow!


Kathy Floen said...

AHHH! :) I have heard that Sprinkles are the BEST! :) You will have to let us know...I doubt we will ever get one here in MT! :D

Sandy said...

Oh Boy....I live in Mesa, can you tell me where it is? They look so pretty I will have a hard time eating them, but I will prevail! :)