Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our hangout....

has been Rubio's lately. We cook all week and usually Friday night is our out to eat night.
Well, it has been a really busy week and tonight was no exception so we ended up having dinner at Rubio's.

Jon usually gets a burrito but tonight he got Fish Tacos (yuck! I do not like seafood!) Ellie always gets the bean burrito as well as Shelby and I love their Chicken Grande Nachos.

So, here is my photo for today:

Making a documentation of all of your family's favorite places to go out to dinner would be interesting.


Tiffany said...

yum'O!!! Now that's just mean to tease us like that!!! Just Kidding, now I'm cravin' some nachos.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great idea for a LO! But I would be with tacos are the BOMB! LOL! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Amy Coon said...

I am so proud of you D you are doing such a good job on this project of yours very inspiring!

Amy Coon

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Yum, you're making me hungry! I'm with Jon tacos are the best! Love Rubio's!

Kathy Floen said...

Your nachos pic made me hungry, friend! :) Sounds like you all had a good dinner. :)