Saturday, August 29, 2009


Arizona was our destination today. Sometimes you just need to take a little out of town getaway.
Jon took a friend and his Dad on a motorcycle ride up to Prescott today and I decided that the girls and I would head up to
Miami and then a short distance up the road is Globe.
Since we live on the East side of the valley it is only 90 minutes to get there.

We had a fabulous time and I got to take some photos. We hit the little antique stores in both Miami and Globe.
I didn't go to far off of US 60 so there was a lot more I wanted to see and also take photos of but Jon was not on this
trip with us and I had both girls, so I played it very safe.

We will be going back with Jon soon. We also want to go back to Jerome, Arizona.
Jon and I had thought about getting married in the Grand Hotel there. I'll go into that story another time.
One of the great things about Arizona is if you travel in any direction for a few hours you can be out of the desert heat
and into better climates. You can go from the desert valley into the lush green mountains.
During the winter you can travel 2-3 hours and your in snow.
Love that!

Here are some shots from our adventure today.

I loved the gigantic windows this building had. I was thinking to myself: "Man, I need a wide angle lens as soon as possible!"

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Erin Bassett said...

Great photos...that blue door is amazing!

Tiffany said...

awesome pics and beautiful girls.

stefani said...

Gorgeous blue door.

I loved the time I spent in Miami/Globe as a child. I definitely remember those summers.