Friday, August 28, 2009

A family story....

I love hearing over and over is about Jon.
I'll give you a little background.
Jon grew up in California on a ranch. On this ranch Jon and his Pop grew and harvested grapes.
(When ever we visit I love seeing all of the grapevines.)

Now, when your growing and harvesting grapes there are certain things that need to be taken care of at certain times.
One of Jon's responsibilities was discing.
Diana (his Mom) had asked him to disc before heading out with his friends. She said that when she looked she
could tell Jon was in a hurry. He had the tractor going so fast that the discs had missed the ground in places.
It's much better when Diana tells the story. Something only a Mother can do with such vibrance.
So, when I saw these discs that story is immediately what I thought of.

Nowadays, when Jon does something he does it right and to the best of his ability, no exceptions!
I bet when Diana saw this she shook her head and must have said to herself: "teenagers"

There are a couple of other stories that crack me up. I'll have to come back and tell you the story of his nephew and
the bird. Oh yes, and I can't forget about Diana and her birthday balloon wish. Both of these stories also occurred on the ranch!


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Adrianne said...

Did he grow up around Bakersfield...Tulare...Visalia?