Thursday, July 09, 2009

117 degrees....

that will be the temperature the next few days. It seems more humid to me this year than the years before. (That or I'm just getting older. LOL!)
More than likely I'm the palest person in all of Arizona.
Since learning and REALLY being aware of how the sun effects my skin it makes me nervous for our girls.
Sometimes I feel bad because I know other children around the country experience Summer in a completely different way. Being outside swimming ALL day, BBQ's, fireworks etc.
This Summer I have been thinking about my childhood alot. Not sure why or what brought this thought process on, but on Fourth of July it really hit me. I remember driving to see my Nannie in Gun Barrell City (Texas) and along the way we would see the biggest warehouses FULL of fireworks. Walking in and buying sparklers, Roman Candles and M-80's (for the adults). The anticipation of Fourth of July evening.
Of course, we could never wait and would end up "testing" the sparklers.
(We HAD to make sure they were fully functional LOL!)
The black top roads, fire ants, lightning bugs, lily pads, the lake and freeze pops.
Walking to the Feed Box resturant and the gas station to get an ICEE. Good times!
Just thinking and typing about these things brings a smile to my face.
I would love to hear some of your childhood memories.

Here in Arizona, with it being so dry and extreme fire danger fireworks are illegal. Shelby has seen fireworks before but Ellie never has. So, I have added this on the list of things to do with the girls. I have made it a mission to be precautious with them but I know they also need to swim, have BBQ's etc.
Now, we go swimming as soon as the sun sets, I'm SO thankful for covered playgrounds (we go when we can stand the heat LOL!)and we BBQ all the time. Jon has prefected the hamburger with secret ingrediants.
Even our neighbors think Jon's hamburgers are better than anything they could buy from a resturant or fast food joint.
We may hibernate during the day but we take the night by storm.
Whew. If you're still reading thanks! I should have warned you this post would be random.

Since it has been SCORCHING HOT here I have been cleaning the studio so we can have a garage sale. This was a project that kept getting bigger and bigger.

This looks awesome compared to what it has looked like.
This huge box is completely full of 12 x 12 patterned paper, cardstock and transparencies. I have another 3 boxes of scrapbooking supplies.
My mojo has been MIA, I would walk into the studio and just feel the weight of stuff. In doing this I feel SO much better. Jon and I are thinking this weekend or next to have the garage sale. If your local keep an eye out and I will post the weekend we decide to have it along with the list of MFG's.
The great thing is all of the garage sale proceeds will go toward buying a new computer. Mine is just about toast and I have no back.up drive right now.

I will be back this weekend with some layouts I have been working on for Creative Therapy and



Kathy Floen said...

Oh, Dedra! :) I really wish I could get you up here! :) Fireworks are legal for the 4th and we have been more overcast this year than anything. We do have sunny days, but I am not a HUGE fan of the sun I like evenings also.

A BIG thing I remember from childhood is camping in the summer. I used to like it as a I am not crazy about it at all. I remember riding a boogie board for the 1st time on Holter Lake with a Friend from Germany who ended up being a Pen Pal for a few years. A lot of my memories are of the fun stuff that I did camping...I met new people all the time...MY mom hated it that I was so outgoing...I had a new person with me all the time! ;)

Wow, this is a LONG comment..I'm sorry! :D HUGS TO YOU TODAY! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh Dedra,
I grew up in UT so the weather was perfect, and my mom's birthday was on the 4th of July so we would always celebrate big, swimming at my Grandma's pool, BBQ in the back yard and then going to the fireworks, after that coming home and doing our own fireworks. I loved it. This year we went up to UT for the 4th, we did all the old stuff, well mostly, we went out for breakfast, visited my mom's grave, had a BBQ and then did fireworks, it was my kids first time with sparklers, they loved them and they loved the fireworks in the driveway. It was such a good time, it brought back a lot of memories.
And if you do have a garage sale maybe I could get a preview, I would love to see the stuff you are getting rid of. Seriously, you inspire me so much.

Tere said...

Dedra, when I see pictures of my friends celebrating the 4th with BBQ's and fireworks, I wonder if it woulb be a good idea to move somewhere else, the closest we can get to the fireworks is go to Papago park in Phoenix and hike up to the top of one of the hills, the view is amazing!!!!

About the Garage Sale...PLEASE let me know when you are having it, I have some friends that would be soooo happy to come too:)

Eileen said...

Were fireworks safer when I was a kid? Or were parents just more vigilant? I remember holding sparklers in my hand and no one was ever hurt. Of course, we didn't have the goodies they have today, but we did have firecrackers, and cherry bombs (M80's?). It was fun to just make noise.

I wish I could drop by for your garage sale!! Guess I'll have to stay here where it's only 113.

Suz said...

Hi Dedra - I think about you each time I see the weather for AZ. that is crazy hot.

Check my blog I nominated you for an award today. You're the sweetest & most talented person I know.