Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We Survived....

Shelby's party and I have to say it was SO fun!
I also discovered that if you want your husband to take care of some things around the house, that he has been neglecting throw a party! At least I now know what I need to do to get Jon's buns moving! LOL!

We started with a little crafting. I set up tables in our dining room filled with embellishments and projects for the girls to create. Even Eille had a blast doing the projects!

We did the button magnets, the flower magnets and spray painted door hangers. I now wish I would have taken pictures of all the projects when the girls were done!

In order to add photos to the magnets and door hangers I had Shelby take a picture with just her and one of her friends (I did that for each of her friends as they arrived) and then I took one group photo of everyone. Once that was done I downloaded the photos, did a little editing and printed them out as a contact sheet.

Once I brought the photos out all of the girls were so excited and ready to begin.
I was able to fit 8 girls around the table with LOTS of extra space for materials and everything they needed.
Jon was walking by as her was preparing dinner and said "Hey, this is pretty awesome!"
Which, in turn I replied "See I CAN teach classes here and it would be totally fine."
So, I'm working on trying to make this happen. Having classes here at our house. I know there is a risk in having people at our house so I'm really thinking about it.
If it was possible I would rent a studio in all of the extra commerical space we have around the house.

Switching the subject. I found a cool site called Poladroid.
Poladroid is a free download that let's you create your own Polaroid like images with an easy desktop application. The download shows up on your computer desktop looking like an old Polaroid camera. All you do is drag and drop your digital image into the camera and out comes the photo (also onto your desktop). It comes out dark like a real Polaroid then the image slowly develops.
I REALLY LOVE how the photos come out looking very "vintage".

It really looks like a Polaroid photo. Tomorrow Night I'm going to play around with it so I can figure out how to print them. I ran out of time tonight.
So, to get the free download and have a little fun go here.

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments that you leave!
I read and appreicate every single one of them.
and Kathy let me know when you win the lottery I would be more then happy to head off to MT. OR you could come visit me! LOL!



Kathy Floen said...

Dedra- If I win the lottery...I will come get you and bring you here to spend some creative time with ME! :) Oh, how fun would that be!

I loved reading about your b-day bash for Shelby! :) You are an awesome mommy who is on top of things! :)

Have a great day! :)

Tiffany said...

Yeah Dedra, I would love to see pictures. My daughter loves to craft and make stuff too. I love the decorations!! Awesome party!!

Suz said...

Glad everyone had a great time. You are so creative & made her day extra special & very memorable

karin c said...

Hi there - for some reason my email is seized up - I wondered if I could ask a question here in the comments? On your Junque Binder with the Hambly Rubons, that crystal knob makes the whole thng for me, it is perfect. Is that a scrapbooking item or did it come from Home Depot? Thank you so much if you have the time to answer here. I have found your art and I am completely motivated by your style - thank you for that - karin

Melissa said...

I found your blog from Janet Hopkins blog is really cute! Could you please explain to me how to add the blog header and backround from house of 3 to my blog?! I'm so lost on it! I bought some from them, and can't figure out how to add it on blogspot! Please help!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Glad the party went so well! The crafts sound like so much fun! I think you should give the classes a go! You would be fantastic at it! Take care! xoxo

Amy Coon said...

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DEDRA LONG? I miss all her scrappy goodness and inspiration has anyone seen her? J/K .....sort of, whats up what are you working on how are things in the AZ oven? Going to call you soon to chat about some things I got going so watch out for my Number.....In the meantime get something up on this blog I am dying over here!!!!!!!