Monday, June 29, 2009

Project Two: Summer Boredom....

Next stop on the creative train was The Martha Stewart Farm Animal Kit.

This kit also kept them busy. I had purchased two of them, one for Ellie and another one for the big girls.
Ellie really wanted her Daddy to help. Jon pulled up a chair next to her and got started. Ellie got the background all set up and the pipe cleaners arranged. Jon was the one to actually do the deed of putting them together.

Ellie thought they could also be used as a mustache! LOL!

The great thing about Martha Stewart is there are no extra tools needed.
The pipe cleaners are pre-cut and each animal has its own bag of parts.
Jon did manage to loose an eyeball for one of the animals. It was later recovered and attached. (In his defense, those black eyeballs are very tiny and easy to loose!)
Ellie is still carrying all of the animals and backdrop everywhere around the house.

Shelby was having fun with this as well but after Ellie hounded her for half an hour about wanting more animals made the appeal kinda wore off. LOL!!!!
Shelby did finish all the animals after lunch.

If you would like to pick one up for some Summer fun, you can find them here.
I'll be back with the project I picked up for Shelby to create. She did such a great job!
Oh, I almost forgot! Tomorrow night (Tuesday night) Paperclipping LIVE will be broadcast at 6:30pm PST.
So, come check it out here. Noell would love to have you visit and chat!


Amy Coon said...


Ellie is absolutely adorable in these pics looks like you really caught her personality. keep the ideas coming they are great! See ya tonight on Live.

Luv Amy

Tiffany said...

That is too cute!!!