Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm so sorry it's like a ghost town in here!
You can tell it's really Summer around here. LOTS of family time, we LOVE to BBQ and we swim at night, because let's face it here in Arizona you will be scorched.
Jon has been going for a ride on his Harley early every Sunday morning.
So, there has been lots of moments like these....

We also went to a wedding this weekend and Ellie loved it SO much that she is performing her own weddings in our family room.
She demonstrated how the (monkey) groom will be standing in front and the (Maltese) bride will be walking down the center of their friends (as she put it).
The Littlest Pet Shop Town has been set up and everything is in place.
Last night Jon and I were informed that the wedding will take place this evening.
The reception will be held at the Littlest Pet Shop Town swimming pool.
We are eager to see her perform this wedding.

I have been thinking about a question Ellie asked me during the wedding this weekend, something that I'm sure I will never forget.
She turned, looked at me and said: "Mommy, will I marry a good man?"
I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said: "Yes, love. You will marry a good man. Daddy will make sure!" Ellie got a BIG smile on her face and said: "I have the best Daddy!" This girl really knows how to melt me heart for sure.

Even though we have been busy. The Summer Boredom has been creeping in. The girls can get ancy and complain there is nothing to do (which I find VERY hard to believe.)
So, starting Wednesday I will start a three part series of posts on different kits that will keep your kids occupied!
I will have two projects for children 6 to 13 and then one of the projects Shelby did, so it will be one for your teens and how they can document their Summer.

and I found this comment in my Inbox this weekend:

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DEDRA LONG? I miss all her scrappy goodness and inspiration has anyone seen her? J/K .....sort of, whats up what are you working on how are things in the AZ oven? Going to call you soon to chat about some things I got going so watch out for my Number.....In the meantime get something up on this blog I am dying over here!!!!!!!

Thank you Amy for checking in on me to make sure I'm still breathing! LOL!
and I will be looking for your number to pop up on my phone!

and I wanted to answer some questions I received:

karin c said...
Hi there - for some reason my email is seized up - I wondered if I could ask a question here in the comments? On your Junque Binder with the Hambly Rubons, that crystal knob makes the whole thng for me, it is perfect. Is that a scrapbooking item or did it come from Home Depot? Thank you so much if you have the time to answer here. I have found your art and I am completely motivated by your style - thank you for that - karin

Hi there Karin.
I have a door knob addicition. I find them at home improvement stores, antique stores, Hobby Lobby and I LOVE the ones at Anthropology. Pure YUMMINESS!
There are so many styles and I now have a collection going on. LOL!
Thanks for stopping by! ;-)


Melissa said...
I found your blog from Janet Hopkins blog is really cute! Could you please explain to me how to add the blog header and backround from house of 3 to my blog?! I'm so lost on it! I bought some from them, and can't figure out how to add it on blogspot! Please help!

Hi there Melissa.
I'm going to assume you use Blogger and not typepad.
I was a little confused at first too. Then Rhonna put together a little tutorial.
You can go here for instructions on how to customize your header.

Then....for the can click here for the instructions on how to do the background.

If you still have questions shoot me an e.mail and we will talk about HTML code.
Hopefully, this will help you out! ;-)

Thanks again for stopping by and I will be back on Wednesday for the first installment of the Summer Boredom Busters!

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Tiffany said...

oh Dedra, I'm so excited to see what you post. My daughter is 6 but almost 7 so she will love this. She loves to scrapbook and do crafts.