Saturday, May 30, 2009


I thought this day was SO far in the future! I could not invision it when my Mom said "The time is going to fly by sweetie and your precious baby will become a teenager before you know it."
Fast forward to what seems like (at least to me) the blink of our eyes....

My baby girl is officially a teenager today and I have so many feelings and emotions going on and on SO many different levels!
I remember the first time I held her, she was beautiful, amazing, my new miracle and at the same time I was young and terrified!
She and I have shared many "firsts" on our journey together and we will share many more in her teenage years....

I'm SO very proud of you sweetie!
Happy Birthday Love!

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



Noell-Hyman said...

Shelby is such a fun and beautiful girl, inside and out. I adore her!

Happy birthday, Shelby!


ms.cheryl said...

if you think this day is bad, just wait til she moves out. I almost lost my sanity. start preparing now. ask yourself "who am I" and only answer with things that do NOT include kids.then start working on knowing you in all those areas before she leaves so you don't feel lost like I did. she is absolutely beautiful!!! ms.cheryl

Tiffany said...

She is beautiful. Happy Birthday!

Kathy Floen said...

Oh, Dedra- She is gorgeous! :) I will know how you feel all to soon. I know you have made the days count and have and will continue to enjoy her. :) Happy B-day, Shelby! :) From MT!
P.S. Beautiful pic!

Amy Coon said...

Awww happy birthday to the beautiful Candice Cameron (ie Shelby) I'm tellin ya she is going to be breaking a lot of hearts these next 7 teen years......Go gentle on 'em Shelby!

Tere said...

say happy birthday to her!!!
She is gorgeous!!!!

ScrapHappy said...

I am sorry, but you are NOT old enough to have a teenager. End of conversation. ;)
She's beautiful!!