Wednesday, November 26, 2008


thankful and grateful on this Thanksgiving....We are surrounded by family, wonderful friends, blogging buddies and all of the opportunity that lies ahead....I was thinking alot today about what I take for granted and how I can change and truly enjoy the everyday moments....
So, my plan is to wake up in a few hours and REALLY ENJOY every moment of Thanksgiving with family....and also good food....LOL!!!!
Thank you for visiting me here and taking time to leave a little note for me....

The layout below is for Creative Therapy....
The catalyst was something I've lied about....
It was based around my Dad and how I lied about my heart and soul being OK....

The journaling reads:
I lied, I lied when I was a teenager and said I was over it….
I was OK, that my heart and soul was mended….
Because I was not even close to being OK….
My heart and soul was screaming because I couldn’t
understand why my Dad had not kept in touch….
not a card, not even a phone call….NOTHING….
We were so close and it was like he fell of the face of the earth….
I grew up and to this day, sometimes, I still wonder was it ME?
Now, that I have children of my own I can’t even imagine not seeing
them grow up….The special women they will become….
I know it was my Dad’s choice not to be apart of my life, even to this day….
Why? Why doesn’t he try now, now that I’m older and he has grand.daughters
that he will never know….
I have realized I was shaped as a person more by his absence then his presence….
There is no doubt and I will admit that my heart and soul still hurt….
BUT, I will continue to move forward and GROW to be the best person I can be…..

Sorry to end on such a heavy note....
Happy Thanksgiving and
Big Hugs!!!!

P.S. - A BIG Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend Noell!!! You can check her out at


Kim S said...

Hi Dedra- kdgirl here! I love your layout, very touching journaling. Did you use the glimmer mist mask on this? I just got all the masks and 7 colors of glimmer mist...I can't wait to use them...and your layout is great inspiration!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Eileen said...

You just keep growing there, Dedra. You're a survivor...and a beautiful one at that.

Christine said...

Wow, this layout is so beautiful! And, unfortunately hits close to home for me.
I have absolutely decided moving forward is BEST!

Simply-Mel said...

Thanks for sharing so much of yourself on this LO. I look forward to visiting your blog again.

Mel (via Journaling Junkie)

Amy Coon said...

YOU GO GIRL saw you featured on T. Collins website today!!!! loved your stuff see your getting your groove I knew it all along. Happy Holidays and keep your awesome stuff coming!!!!
Luv Amy C

Kim Watson said...

What a beautiful, touching page. Thank you for sharing it hun!

I hope you & your beautiful girls are well & happy?