Saturday, September 06, 2008

Who LOVES.....

free cool stuff....Invision me raising my hand....Especially when it is something I can use over and over anytime I want or need too...There are a couple of links below, the first is a site that you can print all kinds of free paper....
I'm talking lined paper, cards, things for children and stationary....
The second link has free templates of labels, lists, etc...

Some comments and questions:

ricanlaw has left a new comment on your post "Sweetness.....":

You know I love your blog. I'm working on ideas for your circle journal. I need to get it out the door this week as Diana is itching to get it. Under pressure I tell ya.

Aleida, had better post the photos of your entry once it's done....I can't wait nine months to see it!!! LOL....
Hook me up!

Eileen has left a new comment on your post "Sweetness.....":

You like me! You REALLY, REALLY, like me!

(gosh, I've been waiting to say that for so long! lol!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You are so good for my ego!!! :-)

You're so crazy, of course I like you! and you're SO welcome!!!

Toni has left a new comment on your post "Gettin' my groove.....":

LOL! I think you should name her Sharla since she's the SHARK and all. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion Toni...That name is a strong possibility....

Hello Dedra,
I've admired your style thru paperclipping live. I went to your website but you're sold out of the album--Between Us. Will you have a second release?


Hi there Maria! I'm so happy you found me and watch Paperclipping, Noell is so great! I will be creating new albums, sometimes the design will be the same and sometimes they won't....It depends on the materials I have on hand....I can tell you that I will always preview the albums that I release in the store on my blog...Once the store is updated with a new release I will give specifics on the album here...The specifics will include the size of the album, how many pages and photos of the inside pages....All of the books I create are the same in quality....
I'm designing more albums this weekend, so check back for the new releases early in the week....
Thanks for your e.mail and have a great weekend!

Christine has left a new comment on your post "It never ceases to....":

Woo hooo....I got the first comment response!! I feel really special now! LOL
I love that you left a response! It is nice to see that your questions aren't lost in cyberspace :)
By the way, that is so cool about the circle journals!! It would be neat to see it completed with all the different talents!

LOL Christine! As soon as I receive the circle journal back I will post photos of the entries inside for sure....We just started and we are on the second rotation so I will get it back in 9 months....So, sit tight....It will be worth the wait....

Connie has left a new comment on your post "Dedra Long Studios is up.....":

Dear Dedra, Hello my name is Connie I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I am a scrapaholic ... LOL I love saying that.. Seriously I was on another ladies Blog "Life in the Sandpit" and she showed some of your work , which I fell in love with I have to say that You are a very talented young lady and I admire your creativity and hard work. I would like to order your album C'est la vie,but I will have to save up for a bit, as I am on Disability and am a single mom with a teenager ... which should explain everything.. LOL I love mini albums and I think that that on must be my all time fav... There is another one that is on your site that CK features...Sharing your story do you sell that one as well? How much is that? I love picking up fantastic ideas and have made good friends at CKMB and love doing and hosting swaps. You can get ahold of me there... Thank you for your time....

Hi there Connie....I will say I'm a scrapaholic too for sure! Thanks so much for your kind words....I totally understand I have a pre.teen and a five year old and they are always in need of something....The album in Ali's book (CK) I used my CD covers to create it....That album would be something I could possibly do a tutorial on in the future....I also want to offer a selection of different mini albums on my site, which include smaller more inexpensive ones....
I have a couple of albums I'm designing right now but they are the bigger ones, more like Eileen's size....So, please keep checking back...They will make great gifts as well....
I will have to check out the CKMB for sure....
Have a great weekend!!!

ricanlaw has left a new comment on your post "It never ceases to....":

I love you. I know that sounds extreme, but dang I the work you put out, the level of your creativity amazes me....but most of you, your kindness. Thank you Dedra. I like the question answer segment. keep me positive and on the ball....and you are also a great example of kindness to say the least!!!
Since you like the question answer segment I'm gonna keep goin' with it....
Love ya too!

AND since I can't post without a picture, this is my baby....I came down the stairs after giving her a bath and found her with a chair pulled up to my work bench, scrapping away!!! Silly girl!

Now, my bed is calling my name!!!


ricanlaw said...

Oh my I love that photo. Come on, you have to do something with that Dedra.

ScrapHappy said...

That photo is fabulous! And thanks for the links to the freebies. :)

Eileen said...

Yep, I agree on the's very special! Falling right into mom's shoes is she?

Isn't that cool that Connie found you from my site? I hope you gets lots of business from us admirers!

And thanks for the links....great stuff!

Suz said...

Wow Dedra you are so sweet to nominate me in that crowd of talent.... I'm so unworthy.

I'm starting to feel a little better but have been having computer problems for the last week. I was trying to watch you and Noell on Tues but couldn't hear what y'all were saying on my hubby's old laptop so I'm going to watch it this evening. Your layouts were really great! I think my favorite shows are the ones with the two of you together since you seem to have so much fun & you're both so talented!

Well hope you have a great week & thanks again.

P.S. those are some great links - very useful TFS