Wednesday, September 12, 2007


You have friends that come in and out of your life....Some come into your life at specific times and for specific reasons and then are gone for different reasons and become aquaintences (sp).....Then you have someone who is a lifelong know, the kind of person that leaves a mark on your soul, a person that you believe in and they believe in you....the kind of person that you become so close to that you are thinking and sometimes finishing each others sentences....The kind of person you have so much in common with and you can talk for hours.....AND when you are seperated and then reconnect it's like no time has passed at pick up right where you left off.....We have been through so much together!!! We have shared dreams!!!

I am so GRATEFUL that I have a friend that has left a special mark on my soul....A mark of inspiration, hope, she believes in me just like Jon does, she was there for me in the face of disaster, she has seen me in my darkest hours.....
I cannot express how overjoyed I am to reconnect with an amazing woman!!!!

Thank you RAINE, for being my lifelong friend.....You have touched my life in so many ways!!!!
Big Hugs!

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raine said...

Hi dedra it was great to read the wounderful coments you had to write. I am also so thankful to have spoke again and you are right it is like we have never stoped. I am having a very busy week and will call you next week. Have a great week and keep up the great work. So proud Raine